Nike Performance

During my internship at Nike WHQ I was tasked with creating a graphic mark that unifies their running and training apparel together as one catgeory of performance. The solution is a tag with routes in DNA.

DNA is the story of our biology and the human experience.

The intention is to create a social connection between Nike, the athlete, and their clothing by creating a means of recording the usage of their specfic garment, the abillity to compete with friends, and create their own DNA story associated with a specific garment.

As an athlete uses their apparel more and more, their friends, as well as Nike, will be able to accompany and encourage individuals as they work toward their athletic goals, thus creating a unique story attached to the garment they wear.

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Nike Performance Tees

This is an extention of my project at Nike. These t-shirts are meant to be an introductory apparel line to the new performance system, as well as demonstrate the system's graphic potential. The reason for choosing t-shirts is because of my personal love for making tees that goes back to when I was a kid, as well as the fact that Nike has a marketing and design focus on t-shirts.

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The North Face Apparel Concepts

Part of the process of applying for jobs as a fresh graduate includes completing some design projects. When I applied at The North Face they tasked me with concepting a direction for three different areas of TNF's brand/heritage with a deadline of two weeks. The first was to be a concept for their mountain lifestyle customer, the second for their urban lifestyle customer, and third for the future of performance.

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静かにして (be quiet)

Be Quiet is the passion project of Joe Hillestad and Cameron Olson. The two friends established the company on the foundation of having fun and making something outside of your regular clothing brand. With routes in streetwear, Be Quiet investigates the idea of arbitrary creation and communication.

The brand is focused on fun and intersting clothing that displays both of their interests in everything from motorcycles, to Japanese culture and even stark modernism in design. The clothing and brand also takes into heavy consideration what the fashion and specifically streetwear industry is doing, what’s trending, and where things are heading.

Having fun is the most important thing in this project. The brand investigates “cool” with minimal conceptual limitations.

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Olisthima Glosses Typeface

The typeface is inspired by ancient Greek typography. Olisthima takes influence from their ornamental, yet geometric letter-forms. Their influence on typography as a whole is also a large reason why Greek type was chosen for inspiration.

Olisthima also comes with a set of pre-distorted characters to encourage the user to do whatever they want with the typeface. This facilitates expression and is a good test of the form in the glyphs themselves. All this is attained by the designer with a clean conscious and no worry of upsetting the designer of the typeface.

The inclusion of these distorted characters is meant to symbolize the opportunity given to everyone by this typeface's existence to warp and distort the characters however they please. The whole point of this typeface is to give designers a tool they don't have to feel bad about customizing and having fun with.

MCAD Fall / Spring Commencement

For the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s 2017-18 graduating ceremonies I was tasked with creating an identity system. I chose to focus on integration and the idea of multiples creating a whole.

The different graphic marks you see throughout the final direct represent different kinds of students and how they come together to essentially create MCAD’s identity as a whole.


The Flag Project was an exploration in process and graphic expression. While making all 112 flags, I was heavily inspired by Japanese motorsports culture and the graphics associated with that scene, as well as maritime flag aesthetics.

The three flags you see hanging on the wall were hand made by myself featuring digitally printed fabric.

CROE Motorcycle Company

CROE is a company started by my dad and I in 2015 with our first build: a 1972 Honda CB350F. We are a company for both new riders and the seasoned enthusiast. We fill our free-time with the modernization of decades-old motorcycles and making sure riding is enjoyable for everyone.

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Minnesota MMMovementtt Manifesto

Documenting different forms that movement describes.

The MMM aims to abstract movement in a way that allows a viewer to observe the volume of that action in time and space itself. MMM visually communicates these forms that ultimately describe their volumetric movement with a patented technique. It is a collaborative effort to catalog this movement and calculate the volume they take up in a 2D space.

The geometric line drawings throughout the system represent specific studies and serve as a code similar to a barcode.


Intersay is a publication containing an interview with the studio Experimental Jetset and an essay by Katherine McCoy. The overall theme of censorship comes from Experimental Jetset’s interview and Provo.

Litigious Linguistics

Litigious Linguistics is a publication company dedicated to clearing the air when it comes to grammar; a punctuation publication, if you will. Our first issue is about the Serial Comma. There is a ton of controversy when it comes to the use of this niche piece of punctuation. LL’s next issue is on Prime Marks and how to use them properly. People commonly mistake quotation marks for prime marks when added to a specific measurement.

The publication was invented and designed by two Minneapolis College of Art and Design students: Joe Hillestad and Alexa Dietz. Both were instrumental in the process and the publication would literally be nothing without them.